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5 Common Myths About Getting a College Education

It seems that everyday you learn more and more about the true value of a college degree. In the old days, the economy was organized so that the people who went to college and graduated were automatically entered into the workforce. However, these days it is different – not only has the workforce changed, but so has the world’s economy and global marketplace. With the Internet, the global economy and a whole host of other factors, the decision as to whether or not a college degree is worth the time and money must be weighed more carefully. There are also a number of other considerations to make, like deciding how much time you have and whether or not you are ready for the responsibility of taking out a student loan. Here are five common myths about getting a college education.

  1. College EducationIf you aced your classes and exams in high school, you will undoubtedly ace your way through college. There is some truth to this, but the real truth is that the harder you worked in high school, the more prepared you will be for college. When it comes down to it, your grades in high school will have nothing to do with your grades in college. It all has to do with how much time and energy you put in to doing well.
  2. I can’t afford a fancy college with a huge annual tuition. When it comes down to it, most people can’t afford the going rate for college tuition at a fancy, Ivy League college. However, if you did well in high school, scored well on your SATs and impressed the college admissions board with a killer essay, there is a good chance that you can get part of your tuition covered with grants or financial aid.
  3. Don’t trust professors – they are only in it for the money. This is a big myth about college and it mostly has to do with what popular culture has taught us. However, professors are not incredibly wealthy and they don’t live in big houses. If professors were only in it for the money, they would all be bankers. Sure, some professors may be independently wealthy, but when it comes to a professor’s average annual salary, it is nothing to salivate over. Professors are, indeed, there to provide an enriching learning experience.
  4. As soon as you graduate, you will have a job. When it comes down to it, this is by far one of the biggest myths about college. While some people will get lucky and find the job of their dreams, most will have to work a little harder to find their career. If you work hard enough in college, though, and meet with advisors, you may increase your chance of finding a job right out of college.
  5. College makes you smarter. This is another big myth and it is often the reason why some people believe they need to go to college. The truth is that getting “smarter” is only part of the equation. College gives you vital life lessons and it can give you the skill set to capitalize on your own likes and interests and to make a career out of something you actually love doing. At the end of the day, college could be the bridge to the life you’ve always wanted – provided that you work hard and don’t take anything for granted.

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