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5 Reasons That Bookkeeping Is a Great Career Choice

Becoming a bookkeeper might not sound like the most exciting career prospect. But there are several reasons why you should not discount this option for gainful employment. For one thing, there are far worse entry-level positions out there. You could wind up working in a mail room, running errands and filing paperwork as a personal assistant, or testing video games for twenty hours a day (not nearly as fun as it sounds). As a bookkeeper, however, you’ll enjoy a level of autonomy that allows you to do your assigned work as you see fit, provided you complete tasks on schedule. And there are a number of other benefits you’ll enjoy, whether you work for a large corporation, a small business, or yourself (as a freelancer). Here are just a few more reasons why a career in bookkeeping could be just what you’re looking for.

  1. Great Career ChoiceEvery business needs a bookkeeper. Although some business owners opt to keep the books themselves and others shell out the big bucks for CPAs to manage the task, all businesses require bookkeeping, and most hire bookkeepers to fill the role. This benefits you in two ways. First and foremost, it means that you should never have trouble finding a job, regardless of where you live or your level of experience. In addition, however, it means you have the opportunity to work in any number of industries, exploring your interests throughout your career by going from one field to another if you so choose. Bookkeeping might not seem very exciting, but it could give you the chance to travel and learn your way around any number of businesses in the process.
  2. Decent wages. On average, bookkeepers stand to earn around $40,000 per year. Of course, it depends on where you live, the type of company you work for, the industry you’re in, and so on. But you’ll likely bring in a livable wage even with a position that is considered to be entry level, and in most cases no college education is required. You may want to earn a certificate (generally through a year-long program) in order to increase job opportunities and pay, but most companies only require you to have a high-school diploma and go through on-the-job training for such a position.
  3. Challenging and fulfilling work. Believe it or not, bookkeeping can keep you on your toes. Although crunching numbers might not seem very difficult or stimulating, you can definitely come across issues that require you to use your mental prowess, think outside the box, and come up with solutions that will suit the needs of your employer. And the result can be a job that tests you but leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment.
  4. Job security. If you’re good at what you do, you’ll always have job security simply because businesses need qualified professionals to keep track of their accounts. And if your employer closes up shop, you can always find work elsewhere.
  5. Consider accounting. Although an accounting degree may seem out of reach, if you’re good at bookkeeping you’re better suited than most to a career in accounting. You might want to start with a certificate from And if that goes well, consider enrolling in community college or even a four-year school in order to earn an accounting degree and vastly increase your chances of getting jobs and earning higher wages.

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