Become a Better Employee: Invest in Your Job, Invest in Yourself

With all of the work employees get bombarded with on a regular basis, and some of the days when you feel that your job is truly “thankless”, there are going to be times when you don’t find yourself motivated to do your absolute best. Why should you? It won’t earn you any extra money – or extra praise. The fact is, while you may feel your managers aren’t recognizing you frequently enough for what you do – it’s more a product of their own busy workload, and they are noticing when and where it counts; the long run. For this reason, and many more you should care about performing better at work, each and every day – take a look at this shortlist of ways you can improve your work output and quality, so you can reap the ultimate benefits of your actions.


Investment Benefits Expanded

It’s not all about money right now, or even immediate praise. You have to take the time to realize that when you push the envelope in the right direction, always doing more than your asked – and at a higher rate of quality – your building an invisible fortune that will pay off bigger than you can ever imagine. Consider what it means for your next employer to hear your current manager attest to your over-performance on a regular basis, how much they’ll sell you, even though you’ve left their company – because they know you deserve to move up. This is equally true for internal promotion, where you will be thought of first when it comes time for bigger better places at your own company. As far as money goes – the leverage you’ll have when you renegotiate your new salary will outweigh any potential bonus cash you feel like you’re missing in your current position.

Ways to Improve Each Day, Week and Month

In asking yourself how you might work better, smarter, and harder at your current work on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis – just ask yourself what would make life easier for everyone else who you work with. Can you lead projects that have been put off for months or years? Can you handle the maintenance workload of an employee who quit until another is hired? Even taking care of admin tasks like ordering recurring marketing materials for your office, before they run out will let everyone know you’re a worker, giver, and someone who deserves respect. Take things up a notch, and improve the quality of things that have been flat for some time. For example, imagine if everyone in your department’s custom business cards went from bland to amazing – just something small you can change with no added expense other than your hard work and time.

Knowing if it’s Really Working

While this strategy is nearly fool proof for building your career, and earning you an incredible amount of support down the line – there are times when it can be a waste of your energy; when the wrong people are surrounding you. In these cases, you wouldn’t want to work extra hard; besides, you’ll be looking for a way out of the position anyhow. A great way to know if you’re getting the respect you deserve is a performance review. Even managers who are long on criticism, and short on praise will give you the praise you deserve for your efforts when they’re forced to sit down and address your performance on a written form. If you pass by one of these performance reviews, and you don’t see a single mention of the huge amount of extra effort you’ve been putting in around your office – you might want to start rethinking both your daily efforts, and your current employer in general.

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