Common Behavioural Economics’ Tactics to Encourage Change in Employees

Behavioural economics is being recognized worldwide for its worth in creating the changes in employees’ behaviours usingwin-winbehaviour economics’ tactics. Behaviour economics is the right perspective for employers who recognize that innovation and creativity from employees will push them ahead in the race for survival in today’s market.

Behavioural EconomicsThese employers realize that their employees cannot be forced into providing their best work and instead by creating job satisfaction in them, the employees will in turn, out of loyalty and commitment, provide their best to the organization. Let’s see some of the most common tactics that can be used by anyone who is trying to get their employees to cooperate by providing them the right tools.

This tactic specifies that to get most out of employees, you have to understand which motivation works best for them. Do we focus on addition or subtraction psychology? Addition psychology is dealing with them by focusing onwhat their results will achieve and subtraction psychology works by focusing on what would happen if they don’t get the work done.

This tactic focuses on the fact that if something is repeated a lot of times, employees are bound to believe it as true. So if you had to get your employees to behave in a certain way, it is best to focus on the fact as if it was already true and the employees would accept it as true as well.

This focuses on creating social teams and making them accountable for each other’s behaviour and work. This as a result would make the employees behave in the manner you want to make their team think of them in positive terms.

This tactic focuses on explaining to employees the importance of their choices and behaviour. If they feel important, they will behave as if their work is important as well.

These are some of the tactics that involve making the employees responsible for their actions and keeping them involved for achieving maximum productivity out of them. Behavioural Economists create many successful models that work by studying the mindset of employees and then making solutions specific to each organization.

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