Essential Factors To Consider Before Joining The Armed Forces

Joining the armed forces is not a career choice you should take lightly. However, there are a lot of young recruits who do get lured in, yet who don’t know the real armed forces. When they do find out, it is a massive shock. The army, the navy, the air force and so on, is obviously a very dangerous place. But, it is also a place that will trap you for a long time if you don’t think analytically. If you are considering joining the armed forces, check out these factors that you might not be aware.

It Is Hard To Get Out

Once you sign the contract, you are expected to fulfil it to the last details. It might sound obvious, but if you are coming out of school, you might think that there is always an option. With the armed forces, that doesn’t tend to be the case. Whichever faction you join, they will put a lot of time, effort and money into training you so they want something back. They won’t put you in a cell and chain you up; they might even transfer you to another base for your comfort. But, in the end you will still be in the military until you have fulfilled your part of the agreement.

If you take things into your hands and go AWOL, the consequences are dire.

False Promises

What a recruitment agent promised you might not be the case when you turn up for your first day. There is an element of communications being lost in translation, as well as people promising you what you want just to get you to enlist.

Before you sign anything, get in writing what you want and what you have agreed with your superiors so there can be no arguments or discussions. For example, when you choose your speciality don’t get fooled into picking the one you don’t want. Too many people get pushed into specialist areas they hate and hate their time in the forces as a result.

There Are Benefits

For everything that can go wrong, there are massive advantages of joining the armed forces. These advantages are by no means cause to join, but they are perks to the job that you will experience that no other career can provide.

There is accommodation such as military properties made available to you, expenses that cover your military duties, from flights to the corporate apartments in which you stay on the job, and free healthcare. These are just a few of the benefits, and there are plenty more that they will offer you.

The Fall Backs

Militaries tend not to be well run organisations. Because you know you get paid regardless of the job, there is a lack of efficiency that can affect you. When you get out to your combat zone, there is the possibility that your training may not prepare you for the situations ahead.

Once you are in a war zone that could be the difference between life and death. Although you get told what to do on a regular basis, you have to be proactive for your sake.


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