Essential Qualifications for Becoming a Truck Driver

Becoming a truck driver can be a great way to enter a career with longevity, the ability to travel long distances and to essentially be your own boss – there are not a lot of jobs that offer this unique lifestyle. However, there are a lot of requirements that you must meet before becoming an eligible candidate for a truck driving position. Not only do you need a clean driving record, but you also need to know the rules of the road – along with a number of other requirements that are not hard to meet, but may take a little work to meet them. Here are some essential qualifications for becoming a truck driver.

Truck DriverYour first step on your path to becoming a truck driver – before you visit to look for available positions – is to obtain your commercial haul license. In most states, in order to haul over 25,000 pounds, you must secure this specialized license. At the end of the day, it will be next to impossible to find a truck driving job that does not require this license. In order to get your commercial truck driving license, you must take training courses and undergo multiple hours of practice driving – just to get the hang of driving a commercial truck.

Another requirement for becoming a truck driver is that you have no criminal record. Some truck driving positions will even turn down applicants that have too many points on their license. Points are given for traffic violations, which means that you either drove recklessly or too fast. So, make sure that your driving record and your criminal record is completely clean before you start applying for positions. If you have an old charge on your criminal record, you may be able to ask the assistance of a lawyer to have it expunged. You can also do the same with driving infractions.

Next, you must also be in perfect health. Having any major health conditions will immediately disqualify you from the position of a truck driver. For instance, if you have poor eyesight, hearing or if you are at risk for heart attack or stroke, you will be deemed too risky – not only to yourself, but to other people on the road. During the hiring process, you will be tested to measure the accuracy of your eyesight and your hearing. If both tests fail, you will be turned down for a truck driving position.

Lastly, you must pass a final test on the rules of the road – specifically the rules put forth by the company that you are working for. You may have your commercial driver’s license, but if you are not prepared to drive a certain kind of truck, you may need extra training. Usually, the employer will fit the bill for the training program. If you pass your exams, you will be issued a standard driving test. While you may go through a few more weeks of training – soon enough you will be on the open road, enjoying your new job as a truck driver.

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