Ever Thought About A Military Career? The Essentials Of Life In The Forces

If you lack inspiration when it comes to making a career choice, you may think about a career in the military. You are guaranteed work and income from day one. You need to complete a basic training course. If you can follow orders and have a good level of fitness, there is usually a very good chance of success. Of course, there are different requirements for each of the main services. You could find yourself as part of the Navy, Air Force, or the Army. Each of them offers hundreds of different career choices, and several routes to work your way up the salary ladder too.

Accommodation is provided for you and is usually much cheaper than market rates out on civvy street. Single Living Accommodation provides you with the option of an en-suite room and shared kitchen in some cases. If you are married, you may be offered Service Family Accommodation. This could be ‘inside the wire’ or on a dedicated community estate near to your allocated base. Military apartments are maintained on your behalf for free. However, you may required to keep lawns and gardens tidy.

When you are deployed, you will be provided with shared accommodation and cooked meals. Everyone is expected to pitch in, so you may have additional cleaning and maintenance duties. However, for some services, you will not be charged certain taxes while you are deployed out of the country. You could also enjoy extra pay for each day you are deployed. You may experience close quarters while you are deployed. Your family continues to stay in your service accommodation in your absence.

Frontline or active duty can last for many months. During this time, you may be away from your family. You will still be able to contact them for free through emails, letters and phone calls. There is often opportunity for some leave in the middle of a tour so you can catch up in person. There is no denying that life is tougher for service personnel than most civilian jobs. But the pay often exceeds National averages once you have started to climb the career ladder.

You can also enjoy free education and training. This can lead to nationally recognised qualifications. As your time in the military comes to an end, you can receive additional training in any field you choose. Pick something to support your move into a civilian job. There are hundreds of trades in the military, but you can train for something different if you wish. The pensions aren’t quite as favourable as years gone by. They are often paid out from your leaving date that could be when you are forty or fifty.

A career in the military is rarely a lifelong job but can usually last for between ten and twenty-two years. You could be invited to extend your career by up to ten years. It often depends on the economic climate and your contribution to the service.  A career in the military is something to be proud of and is a good way to find something worthwhile to do in life.


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