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Friendly Advice for Success in Interviews

imagesAn interview is an important aspect and time in the career of anyone. It can shape someone’s future and it is incredible how the impact which is made in the first meeting can make or break someone’s career in a certain field. For all those who have graduated from MBA colleges in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Bombay, here are a few interview tips that should help them get in the right mind set and have the correct preparation for interviews.

  1. Do Your Homework

It is important to know the details of the firm that you are going to be interviewing with. All the information that you could need can now be found online and you should be equipped with in depth knowledge about the company’s policies and understand the company’s culture. Knowing these details can help you respond to questions in a manner which is relevant to the firm and will also help you ask questions to the interviewer making the interview a dialogue and more relaxed in the process.

  1. Dress for Success

First impressions are always the most important. Judgments can be formed very easily and if you show up to an interview in semi-formals or in unwashed clothes which are all over the place, the interviewer is not going to give you any additional brownie points. It is important to be dressed in a manner which is subtle and yet individual. Though conservative formals are generally the safest, one can add a bit of individuality that may just make the person seem a lot more appealing than an empty suit.

  1. Technique

Technique in an interview is what you say and do and how you say and do those things. Practice speaking in front of a mirror at home and try to improve your enunciation. If you have problems speaking, get a friend to help you practice mock interviews in order to be confident enough to shine on your day.

  1. Phone Interviews

These days, recruiters and human resource executives may call you for an interview over the phone with hardly any notice. They may simply call and ask if you have a few moments to spare and it is important not to be overwhelmed or nettled by their demand. Be confident and allow the interview to take place. Remember what you practiced and what you researched and you will be fine. If you are an MBA student from a college in Gurgaon, Bangalore or any other big Indian city then chances are that you have some brains. Trust yourself and be calm.

  1. Practice Practice Practice

It cannot be stressed how important practice. No matter what the goal is, practice is the only thing which drives us towards any semblance of perfection and interviews follow the same mould. The more you practice, the more confident you will be and the more confident you are, the calmer you will be during the interview. It is important to train yourself to respond to certain queries which may be predictable.

What is also important is to practice asking questions to the interviewer too. If ever during the interview, you find yourself blank while being asked a question. Take some time and think about the question, form a logical answer and deliver it in the same calm fashion. There is never any harm in taking a little moment to think about something and if you respond in a good manner, then the interviewer will know that you are not a mechanical person but someone who does not have difficult thinking on his feet. Stay calm and trust yourself and do not become fearful of the interviewer, they need your talents, and you need them, work with them to create a symbiotic relationship.


Ida is a career counselor who has been working in her field for the past twenty two years. She is well versed with the trends of the market and knows what firms seek in hopeful graduates. Often on tour giving advice to students, Ida has helped many students from MBA colleges in Gurgaon and other cities secure jobs at prestigious firms.


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