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How to Maintain Friendships When You Leave for College

When you go to college, you aren’t really leaving your old life behind – you are embarking on a journey to adulthood and maturity. While technically you will be moving away from your friends, you still have the amazing power of social networking and other technological tools to keep you in touch. In a world where people are more interconnected, it is easier than ever to keep in touch with friends. While it will definitely be harder to stay in touch – mainly because you can’t call your friends and meet them on the corner or at the movies in a moment’s notice – you will still find ways to connect. Here is how to maintain friendships when you leave for college.

Leave for CollegeFirst and foremost, you need to make a pact between your friends. This pact will go over all the details of your friendship and how you will communicate when you are in college. For instance, you want to devise a schedule of how often to call, text and email each other during the course of a week or a month. Having this kind of interconnectedness will ensure a responsibility that you will each do your part to keep in touch.

Also, it may be important to include in that pact a clause that states each friend must visit another friend if there is a major life event. For instance, weddings must be a cause to purchase a plane ticket and fly to see your friends. It could even be a big birthday event. Finding ways to see each other in person is important, because it will allow you to make legitimate excuses to purchase a plane ticket and see your friends.

Next, you want to use the power of social media. Social media is an amazing tool to keep in touch with old friends. In fact, you can be in touch with your friends on a daily basis using social media. With updates, chats and other messaging features, you can know exactly what your friends are up to at all times. It will almost be like you all live in the same city again. When it comes down to it, college life can be a busy time, but it really doesn’t take that long to send your friend an instant message or an update, especially if you do a daily check of your social media feeds.

Lastly, you need to take an active effort to stay in touch. If you have been friends with a group of people for a long time, you need to take the active role and text them when you are thinking of them or send them something in the mail. An old fashioned snail mail letter can actually go a really long way, especially if your friends are really missing your presence. Also, if you have a car, you may want to take a road trip on the weekends to see your friends. On top of your career ambitions – whether you are interested inĀ health informaticsĀ or psychology – your friends are your friends and they will be with you forever, but only if you make an effort.

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