Tailoring Your Education To Your Career Path

Whether you have a clear idea of the industry you’d like to work in or not, it can be a good idea to lend it some thought when you’re going through education. Entry level positions and experience will generally be offered based on the education which you have completed. For this reason, making the right decisions regarding your education can have a profound effect on your career.


However close you are to making a decision about your career, you can always do something to make things work in your favour. Here, we consider a few of these things.

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Looking at practical training


Almost all industries will favour candidates who have sought some level of practical training, whether a qualification is necessary or not. This is particularly relevant for those who are considering careers at sea with Warsash Maritime Academy.


Positions like these often require specific and practical training, not all of which will be provided by your employer. It’s a good idea to look into the necessary qualifications.


Evening classes


Sometimes you’ll need a very specific skill set in order to enter an industry. In certain cases, it’s easy enough to enrol in a course which covers all the bases but in the event that this isn’t possible, it might be worth looking into evening classes to enhance your knowledge.


Not only will this ensure that you have all of the skills an employer might be looking for but it will prove you to be motivated and show the level of initiative you have when it comes to independent study.


Supplementing education with experience


Education is incredibly important but in today’s competitive job market, it’s not always enough to land you a dream position. For this reason, students might look to secure some work experience to supplement their studies. Not only will this make you appear favourably to employers but it will give you a feel of what life in the industry is like.




While it is true that education is commonly used as a stepping-stone towards a career, it’s important not to overlook enjoyment. If you’re not inspired and excited by the course material, it might be a red flag.


If you’re looking at moving into a specific industry it has to be something which you enjoy. If you’re not convinced, it could be wise to study something broad which will allow you to look at a variety of career paths upon completion of the qualification.

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