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Tips For College Freshman Success

High school flew by and before you know it, college will have flown by too. Your senior year of high school was consumed with getting accepted to college, so take some time this summer to prepare yourself for success in your freshman year. If you’re able to check most of the boxes off by Christmas, you’ll multiply your chances of successfully finishing your degree in four years.

The choices your make your first semester are crucial to setting the stage for achieving your degree on time. This is an opportunity that you must own. Your parents and teachers are no longer standing in the background waiting to wake you up for class or giving you a pass on not completing your assignments. Take responsibility for the classes you’ve selected. Read the syllabus. Go to class. Meet with your professors the first week of class. Manage your time. This sounds pretty darn simple, but you’re living on your own now. Distractions and great reasons for procrastination abound.

And it’s not just about the classwork. Keep a stash of aspirin, notebooks and shampoo on hand from Walgreens. Get involved with extracurricular activities after you’ve set your study schedule. Sports, Clubs, Greek Life and research opportunities are plentiful. The more engaged you are on campus, the more you’ll learn about opportunities, meet new people and have new experiences. The students you surround yourself with should serve to motivate you and encourage you to not only be involved in activities, but commit yourself to maximizing your potential in class.

Commit to trying new things. It may be a class you’ve never heard of, a strange food in the cafeteria or approaching someone you might not have in high school. Lastly, don’t forget to call home! You can get prepaid plans from places like Boost Mobile that make it easy and affordable to stay in touch. Remember that your parents are in a transition too. Share your experiences, good and bad, with your parents and you’ll continue to have their support. Good luck and have fun.

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