Turn Your Passion For Driving Into A Career

Do you love those long drives most people hate? Does your partner think you love your car more than them? It sounds like you should be thinking about a career driving. Driving does not have to be a hobby or a past time. It can be what you do every working day. We are not just talking about getting from A to B either. There are a number of different options that you can take. We will take you through the steps of turning driving into a career.


Pass The Test


If you have not got a driving licence then learning to drive is your first step. If you already know how to drive you need to take the test. Companies such as Book Theory Test Today will help you find a nearby test centre and give you everything you need. For more information research online.


Depending what driving you are going to be doing you may need an additional licence. For example, if you want to drive a lorry you need a licence that allows you to drive LGVs (Larger Goods Vehicles). But first you need to decide what type of driving career you want.


 The Right Career For You


Do you like chit chat and are you good at finding quick routes? Then you may want to consider applying to be a taxi driver. A taxi driver should be quite sociable and friendly. You should be a people’s person and be able to make passangers feel comfortable. You should also know the city or area you live like the back of your hand. But you could learn on the job.


On the other hand, if you prefer the quiet life you could consider a long haul driver. If you like spending a lot of time travelling this may be the career for you. All you need to do is get the goods from one destination to the other. Ensure they are signed off when they get there and your job is complete. On the other hand, this career may involve working overnight and quite a lot of time away from home.


Perhaps the best of both worlds is working for a delivery service or as a courier. There will be some interaction with customers. You may need to ask them to sign something and a friendly smile would not go amiss. But you will also spend most of your time out on the roads listening to the radio as you find the best way through traffic.


What Makes You The Ideal Candidate?


Any interviewee for a driving job should have three things. The first is an excellent record out on the roads. This means you should have no history of speeding, drinking or any points on your licence. Companies are willing to overlook these things if they are from years ago or a one-off occurrence. But overall you need to be able to show you are a safe driver. Speed is not as important as efficiency. They will also be looking for some ability to interact with customers. You need to come across as polite and considerate. The final thing every company looks for is a driver that can use their own initiative. If there is a traffic jam, find a way around it. If you are going to be late to customers house, call in advance.


If you think you have the competition beat, then start researching for driving jobs now. Look forward to the start of a new career.



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