Why Giving Makes You a Happier and More Fulfilled Person

As the end of the year draws near, many organizations, charities, and causes are hoping to capitalize on your cheer and holiday spirit. Their hope is that you want to avoid some of the taxes on your income through a charitable contribution to their organization. Many people reap the benefits of saving money every year from donating one thing or another. Why not be someone who decides to donate an old car this year?

tax-deductible Does giving really help you feel happier?

Americans donate as much as $300 billion every year. Some charities are able to collect as much as a quarter of their total contributions for the year in the month of December alone. In reality, there is one main reason why you should give. Beyond the goal of helping your favorite charity, you are also going to force the vicious tax man away from your pocketbook. Above all else, giving a tax-deductible donation will bring you happiness each year.

The fact remains that givers are happier than those who don’t give. Based on a survey of 30,000 households, those who gave to charity were 43 percent more likely than their non-giving counterparts to say they were extremely happy with their lives.

How does volunteering make you feel?

In the same manner that giving makes you happy, so does volunteering your time and resources. It doesn’t matter whether you give money or time because the end result is the same. Givers to religious and secular organizations and causes are a lot happier than those who didn’t give their time or money.

Givers are less depressed than their counterparts are. People who donate money are 34 percent less likely than those who don’t give to feel as if nothing can cheer them up.. They were about 68 percent less likely to have struggled with feelings of hopelessness and 24 percent less likely to say that everything they do is an effort.

What causes the difference in happiness between givers and non-givers?

The difference in happiness between those who give and those who don’t isn’t in their individual personal characteristics, such as religion or income. Imagine two individuals who are identical in relation to faith and income, as well as education, age, sex, politics, and family circumstances. One donates money and volunteers their time, while the other doesn’t. The one who gives tends to be 11 percent more likely to be happy over the one who doesn’t give.

Giving extends beyond simply giving time and money though. Many of the ways people serve tend to be less formal. Another type of giving is blood donation, which more than 15 percent of Americans do at least once annually.

Regardless of what you choose to donate, you will feel far better about yourself and your donation than what you can imagine. Take the time to determine what you want to donate and contact us at Toll Free 1-866-233-8586 to arrange for your donation. We take the time to make the process quick and easy for you, while helping others benefit from your donation along the way. With more than 2.4 million individuals helped, we are on the way to improving the lives of others all the time.

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