Work in Spain- What are the Benefits?

The world has become a small place and people move out of their countries in order to explore better prospects and explore new avenues. Spain is a good option to work as here; you can enjoy a protection of your rights that are mentioned in your contract. It is necessary that when you get a job in Spain, you must ensure that you are provided with a legal contract by the employer. In case, you work without a contract, it is illegal and once caught, you will be deported back to your home land. Since the work contracts are provided in Spanish, you must get them translated to get a better understanding of the same.

Types of contracts-

  1. Contract for a fixed term
  2. Indefinite term contract

Depending upon the type of work that you are carrying out, the work contract will differ. However, a siesta period is provided from 1400 -1700 hours in the afternoon. 14 or 15 monthly payments are provided in one year contracts and that also includes extra pay at the time of Christmas and Easter. Almost all employers give an extra vacation payment in the month of August. When the contract period terminates, employees may be provided with a severance payment which depends upon their wage and length of the employment.

In case you are of the opinion that your contract has wrongfully terminated, then you can present a demand for conciliation within 20 days from the time of termination. The result is based on the agreement between both the parties. You can also file a suit in front of the Labor Court in case no agreement is reached. If the judgment is in your favor, you will be entitled to receive 45 days compensation for each year of your employment tenure.  Even after this, if you are unsatisfied, then you can file recourse within 5 days.

The standard week for working in Spain consists of 40 hours which can reach up to 43 hours with overtime. A two- three hour afternoon siesta is included in a normal working day and the finishing time gets postponed. However, the working hours may change in the summer months. Since there are no scheduled small breaks for taking tea or coffee, the employees can take these as per their own working schedule and convenience. Although overtime is not compulsory in Spain, but in case one does, it cannot exceed 80 hours in a year. People who are working overtime are paid the normal rate along with a minimum of 75 % of the normal hourly rate. In lieu of overtime, time off may be given if it is mentioned in the written agreement beforehand.

Many people prefer to work in Spain as there are many benefits attached. Once you get enrolled as a full time employee, then you are entitled to get one month paid annual holiday (20 days) and also get a minimum of one and half days paid leave every month. The contracted employees get many fringed benefits such as workmen’s compensation, health coverage and unemployment and retirement benefits.

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